Meeting Schedule:

7:00 PM - Second Tuesday of every month.


The meetings are held at the Howell Community Church, 1554 Maxim Southard Road, Howell, NJ 07731.

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From the North:

Take the Garden State Parkway South to exit 98 onto Route 34 North. In a quarter mile, take the ramp onto Route 138/I-195 West. Take exit 31A onto Lakewood Farmingdale Road (South). Turn right onto Maxim Road. Turn left onto Maxim Southard Road. The church is on the left, just past Victory Road. 

From the South:

Take the Garden State Parkway North to exit 98. Merge onto Route 138/I195 West. Take exit 31A onto Lakewood Farmingdale Road (South). Turn right onto Maxim Road. Turn left onto Maxim Southard Road. The church is on the left, just past Victory Road. 


Take Route 9 North into Howell. Turn right onto Lanes Mill Road. Turn left onto Maxim Southard Road. The church is on your right after crossing Oak Glenn Road.

From the West:

Take route 195 East to exit 28A onto Route 9 south. Take the cut-off to turn left onto Lanes Mill Road. Turn left onto Maxim Southard Road. The church is on your right after crossing Oak Glenn Road.

Here is our location.


Pen Turning for Veterans, Active Military, Police Officers, Firefighters and Youth

Atlantic Shore Woodturners and Arizona Silhouette are once again sponsoring pen turning for Verterans, Active Military, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Youth at the Somerset Woodworking Show, to be held at the Garden State Exhibit Center, 50 Atrium Drive, Somerset, New Jersey, from Friday, February 17th, through Sunday, February 19th.

Allow us to share our passion for woodturning as we teach you how to turn a wooden pen. The event is open to all skill levels. There is no charge for this event and once you have finished, the pen is yours to keep and enjoy. To participate, look for the Atlantic Shore Woodturners booth at the Show.

Veterans, Active Military, Police Officers and Firefighters are invited to participate on Friday, February 17th, from 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM. 

Youth are invited to participate on Saturday, February 18th, from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM and on Sunday, February 19th, from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

The pen kits were provided by Arizona Silhouette.

Jackson Library Display

Various ASWT members have their works on display at the Jackson Library. If you are in the neighbor-hood, it is certainly worth a visit. 









Rumson-Fair Haven High School


Thanks to Bruce Perlmutter, Sal Straniero and Pete Laudati for speaking and teaching woodturning at the Rumson-Fair Haven H.S. They were non stop form 8:30 AM to 2:45PM. No break for lunch, just turning non-stop and teaching the students how to turn.


Bruce spent most of his time teaching bowl turning and let the students use bowl gouges and scrapers to complete their own bowls. Pete demonstrated how to turn tops and pens. Several students turned tops using chatter tools and sharpies to color them.  Sal turned a couple of ring holders and gave them to the students, check out the attached picture of the girl with hers. She actually skipped her next class to stay with Sal until he finished it.


They were just so excited to walk away with something. The term I heard them use often was that "This is dope!", which in English means it's great.The teachers there are great, Very knowledgeable and supportive.They asked if we can come back next year. Looks like Bruce started something good for the club.


A special thanks to Bruce for arranging this demo. This is exactly what our club is about. Working with the youth and introducing them to woodturning. 









Somerset Wood Worker's show  


This year at the Somerset Woodworking Show, held the weekend of February 20-22, the clup sponsored pen turning for children attending the show. Jeff, Bil, Norman, Sal, Bev and others worked so patiently with the kids and young adults. It will hopefully lead to future members of ASWT. 




























































































































































































August 2012

The newly updated Calendar is live and available in the Yearly Calendar section of the web site.  Additional information will be posted as more information is available.  Looking forward to seeing you at the September meeting, Tuesday, September 11, 2012.


July 2012

The Monmouth County Fair has flown by, literally, due to the extreme rainy and windy weather!  Despite impending rain, Atlantic Shore Wood Turners set-up and turned! Unfortuantely the Fair closed early Saturday night and was unable to open on Sunday due to the storms that passed through overnight Saturday.  Sadly, but safely, the turners packed up early Sunday morning as the Fair Grounds Staff assessed the storm damage.
A sincere thanks to all who participated in the event, from planning to participation at the Fair, especially Mike Barna who coordinating the event!  Despite many issues and obstacles, you created a memorable event and one that showcases the many talents of our members.



June 2012

Check out the new Gallery photos of Vice President and Member, Tom Swain, whose turnings were featured in the Lacey Branch of the Ocean County Library for the month of May.  All pieces were turned by Tom, however, if you look closely, you may see the peppermill, turned by Sal Staniero, which somehow managed to to get in on the act!  Remember, Members, there are many opportunities to display your work at various venues around the state.  The Ocean County Library system is a great supporter of the arts!
The June Meeting Notice is available on the Notices and Newsletter Page. 
Our Club will meet on Tuesday, June 12, 2012.  Looking forward to seeing everyone before our two month hiatus.  Bring your tools, bring your ideas, bring your self to see everyone before the summer break and talk, turn and take apart the storage cabinets! (Which we will put back together, of course!)

May 2012

The Member Roster for 2011-2012 is now a link on the Members Only page!
Great news! The Members Only page of the web site is active. Please use the previous log-in and password from the original web site.  If you do not remember it, or do not have it, please see Ray, John or Tom at the meeting.  Coming soon will be individual member log-ins to allow the Executive Board, as well as members, to generate e-mail lists for mailings.  In the mean time, I added a note from Buren as well as the first submitted link to this page.  
A newly designed Member News page and a Links page will be added in the very near future.
Tuesday, May 8, 2012: The meeting featured a demonstration by Geoffrey Noden, creator of the Adjust-A-Bench that followed the business meeting. The focus of the demonstration is creating and inserting inlays. 
Mike Barna is our Monmouth County Fair Coordinator.  The Fair Committee was so impressed with the Club, our demonstration and the constant crowd, that we were invited to expand our participation from one day to two! Let's turn this into another whirling success!
Beginning Tuesday, May 1, 2012, Vice President Tom Swain's work will be showcased in the Lacey Branch of the Ocean County Library for the month of May.  Drop in and take a look at the vast array of items created by a fellow Club member.
Photos from the January 2012 Show and Tell have been moved to the newly designed Member Gallery page. Photos from earlier galleries are being reformatted and added weekly, so drop in often to seen the incredible talent and impressive range of items created by our members.
A request was received regarding finding a local school, class or workshop offering a basic woodturning class. If any member knows of basic wood turning classes or a school that teaches the basics of wood turning, please contact the Web Manager via the Contact page.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns or need to update any of information at this time, please click on the Contact page and submit a your information.

April Notes

* Saturday, April 14, 2012: Saturday Series Demonstration:  Ted Sokolowski started in our latest Saturday Series Demonstration located in the ever popular and always crowded Puckhaber Garage! 


* This just in from our President, Ray Ostrow:

To:All AAW Chapter Presidents

From: John Ellis, National Volunteer Coordinator

Subject:2012 AAW Symposium Volunteers

Date: April 10, 2012


Greetings to all AAW Chapter Presidents. My name is John Ellis and I am the National Volunteer Coordinator for this year's AAW Symposium to be held at the San Jose Convention & Cultural Facilities, in San Jose, CA, from Friday, June 8th, thru Sunday, June 10th. If not already familiar with the arrangement for this year's Symposium, you are encouraged to go visit the AAW website for more information.

We are sending this letter to all Chapter Presidents in hopes that you will use the information it contains to encourage you, any, and all of your members who are planning on going to this year's Symposium to volunteera bit of their time to help the AAW Staff and numerous local volunteers in putting on a great event. I suggest you use the text in this letter as the basis of an email to all of your Chapter members. We have attached a symposium poster that can printed, emailed or shared with members. For your members who do not receive email, please use the appropriate information herein to send them a US Mail copy, and ask them to reply to my street address with the requested information. My street address is:


John Ellis

37 Second Mesa Drive

Placitas, New Mexico 87043


Please encourage any "US Mail" members to correspond with me at the above address at any time.


Much of the local preparatory work is already being carried out by members of the Host Chapters in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area. Scores of additional volunteers, however, are needed once the Symposium begins and every year we do our best to recruit volunteers from the members who are planning to attend that year.


The 2012 AAWSymposiumwill be held in San Jose, CA, from June 8 through 10, with registration on Thursday, June 7. We are now actively soliciting nationwide volunteers for this event. The volunteers provide a MAJOR source of support to the Symposium, and it would be fair to say that without the contribution of volunteers, the Symposium could simply not be held.


An initial email has already been sent to recruit past volunteers from 2011. General recruiting is now beginning, so if any of your Chapter members are planning to attend this year's Symposium in San Jose, now is the time for them to come forward and request their volunteer preferences. At the end of this letter, I'll provide a brief section that they can "copy and paste" into an email to my email address with their choices, but first I'd like to give you a short summary of the volunteer areas we are in greatest need of filling:


A note for the spouses and other guests:The last three of these volunteer areas, Instant Gallery, AAW Product Sales, and Exhibition, are a great way to spend part of your time while registered member spouses and friends attend the rotations and shop the vendor sales!AAW Staff and other experienced volunteers provide all the direction and guidance you'll need to be effective in giving the AAW much needed support.

How to Volunteer: I have provided a sign-up letter, that you can "copy and paste" into a reply to my email address,


Thankyoufor your willingness to help with this year's Symposium! We hope to see you in San Jose.


John Ellis

National Volunteer Coordinator


* Remember to check out the April Newsletter, available now on the website!  Check out the Newsletters page and click on April for the latest Club information, the President's Letter and the newest entry in the the Wood of the Month column.

* This month's meeting included an incredible turn-out for the April Show and Tell.  Members displayed and discussed a variety of items.  The gallery is being updated and the new Show and Tell photos are in the process of being added.